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“Picture is of the release of mucus plaque from detoxing” The 28 day reset detox is specifically formulated to cleanse the intestines/colon area where all diseases are created. Which can help aide in the ridding of a lot of health issues such as diseases, stds, acne, eczema, high blood pressure, diabetes, and much more... by eliminating mucus, you start to eliminate disease... “which is the foundation of diseases” Basically the mucus plaque forms over the years of eating meat and other toxic/acidic foods... your body forms a protective lining in the intestines made of mucus to collect waste, parasites start to feast on the waste in this area, and the plaque blocks the flow of regular bowel movements......the organs start to aid the digestive system in breaking down your food, creating layers of mucus in your intestinal wall. Most people if not all that die from diseases, is known to have colon issues which is the creation of the disease ... the body is naturally made to fight off all diseases, that's what our organs are for... but since they were assisting in breaking down food in your intestines they become weak
When it's time to do their job.. so disease attacks these areas, and fills them with mucus... the more toxins you put in your body, the thicker the mucus grows in the intestines. The bowel movements become irregular, and soon to none. The waste sticks to the mucus plaque and parasites feast there. By removing the mucus plaque, it's like doing a reset to the body.. it is important to not only cleanse the intestines, but it also cleanses your cells, which holds memory of emotions, stress, and much more.. during the detox you will only be allowed to eat natural alkaline foods “dr sebi recommended foods” , with the elimination of meat, bread, pop, dairy, salt, starch, and other unnatural and processed foods as well... each week is a new phase, you will food intake each week.. for example you start off with 2 1/2 per day, the following week 2, then 1, and so forth... “ more details will be explained later”
The part of the detox I provide, which is the herbal part “2 herbal formulas (intestinal cleanse/nutritional support) and fiber powder).. there would be a few items you would have to purchase on your own that will cost anywhere from $90-$100 additional depending on where you purchase them, items such as chlorophyll, trace minerals, bentonite diluted solution, probiotics, outside of you foods & and organic juices. All the info needed to complete this detox is included with pamphlet when purchased. I will also go over the details with you as well so there is no misunderstandings. If you’re interested feel free to message me via social media or email @hustle313@yahoo.com *note these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to prevent or cure any disease* it is always advised to contact a licensed physician before detoxing “ALL DETOXES ARE MADE FROM FRESH HERBS, AND BY HAND” most take 2-3 days for shipping, the 28 day reset detox 4-5 days processing, 2-3 days shipping time depending on location.


Image of 28 day reset detox Image of 28 day reset detox Image of 28 day reset detox Image of 28 day reset detox