7 layer chakra candle (Unscented)


Image of 7 layer chakra candle (Unscented)

Chakras are concentrations of vital life force within the body formed when lines of energy running through the body overlap and cross. Chakras are linked to lifespan, physical, mental, and emotional health, and overall being. There are 7 chakras many focused on “but there are also more” each chakra is linked to organs, emotional and mental attitudes, physical health or disease, colors, sounds, physical abilities, frequencies, etc.. your aura being vital chakras play a big part of your “auric field”, your “aura” is a dynamic field of energy that surrounds and permeates the human body. The 7 most known chakras are the root “muldahara, sacral “svadhishthana”, solar plexus “Manipuri”, the heart “anahata”, throat “vishuddha”, 3rd rye “Ajna”, the crown “sahasrara”...

Made from palm wax


Image of 7 layer chakra candle (Unscented)