Essential oil gift set (6 oils)


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Essential oils are known for their wonderful scent, but not many know their healing properties. Essential oils are the extract of these essential plants, plants are known to clean the pollution in the air by taking in carbon dioxide which is harmful to us, but useful in building their structures. In return they provide fresh oxygen for essential life, pollution in the air can be harmful to your cells, your blood, and can cause mucus congestion, which cause chronic diseases like asthma, bronchitis, thyroids, etc spreading its way throughout the body. Essential oils therapeutic properties can clean the air by boiling water on the stove and adding a few drops, by using as a natural fragrance instead of harmful perfume and cologne containing toxins harmful to the body. Add to your pillow for a good nights rest, your bath water for relaxation, areas of aches and pains, hair for dry irritating scalp issues, inhale them for an relief of stress, your diffuser to clean the air at home which can aid in building immunity which in return can help you overcome viruses, and more. These essential oil gift set contains 6 different vibrational oils known to help increase frequencies in the body.. tea tree, sweet orange, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass
Size bottle : .33 oz
Set comes with 6 oils


Image of Essential oil gift set (6 oils) Image of Essential oil gift set (6 oils)