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Who doesn't want to have that "Glow"...
Glow is an all natural product, made from the finest oils and butters to restore, nourish, and replenish your skin, hair, and nails etc.... Shine like a diamond without having to wear them.... Watch the magic of nature unfold before your eyes with healthier and richer skin, thick and more healthy hair, and other benefits unlimited... Put down the watered down products full of chemicals and water which do more damage to your skin than being beneficial... How many times do you have to apply lotion daily? 🤔 Glow will last you throughout the day, by applying only once...with natural products that absorb moisture that keeps the butter locked in your skin for long periods of time, without clogging your pores! Did I mention it smells good? 🤔.... and most importantly your skin is your biggest organ, make sure the products you place on your skin are digestible.. "GLOW" container size is 4oz

Ingredients: Shea (white and yellow), mango, nigella sativa, almond oil, primrose, jojoba, charcoal, herbal blend, proprietary essential oil blend