Herbal citrus water drops


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Ever been to a restaurant, and just knew the water quality wasn't to far off from being toilet water. Well you don't have to worry about that anymore, I have a solution that will change your water quality forever "HERBAL CITRUS WATER DROPS" If you're anything like me, your very over protective of you water and it's quality knowing our blood highly depends on it. Your blood health, and the state of your body is based on your bloods ph. Sometimes we fall ill due to malnutrition issues, which can further cause disorders so it's vital we can the proper nutrients along in combination with our water. Tired of squeezing lemon in your water, cutting up fruits, etc costing you time, and making a mess. Our water drops is a way of ensuring your water is cleansed of toxins, helps balances the ph of your blood, improves bone health, metabolism, kidneys and liver health, bladder health, digestion and more. Herbal extracts bypass digestion, and the nutrients are extracting so that they are readily available to your cells for absorption, which can quickly improve your state of health, or just keep you up to par. Prevention is always jet!

Directions. Simply add a few drops to your water, and watch it work it's magic. 10-20 drops is an adult service size, for children half the dosage is fine. For smaller children adjust to weight

Ingredients: lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange peel

Serving: 3x a day, or as needed

Shelf life: over 5yrs

Servings: 90


Image of Herbal citrus water drops