Herbal food seasoning


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Like what is food without seasoning! The right flavor is the heart of all our meals, and one of the kitchens most important amenities. Imagine food without seasoning, you couldn’t even begin to think of the taste right? But what is seasoning exactly, have you ever heard the saying “season your food, with food”? There’s a reason for this saying, because these seasonings actually help your food digest more accurately. Seasoning is nothing more than natural herbs, and salt produced by nature, but not all of it. Most of your common seasonings are made with harmful salts that are addictive, but are sure to be one of the main causes of your health issues. These unnatural salts can be very toxic to your blood, damage the life of your cells, cause digestive issues, and a number of disorders. Many household seasonings are dead, meaning they’ve surpassed their shelf life since being taken from its parent “the sun”, many are preserved in plastic which also kills the life of the herb, and so forth. With fresh, and natural seasonings from nature, you can help eliminate many health issues, and bring back the life force in your body. Our seasoning contains the finest, freshest, and natural herbs that are known to help improve digestion health, improve blood and cell health, respiratory health, immunity health, bone and brain health, eliminate mucus, kill parasites, and more which can help improve the state of your health tremendously. Not only do we care about flavor, but we care about health more. This one has a little kick too it, but not too spicy. Test a little for taste preferences and adjust as you go!

Bottle size: 4oz

Directions: season your foods based on personal preference

Ingredients: onion, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, cayenne, sesame seed, fennel, mustard seed, oregano, thyme, parsley, dill, rosemary, sea salt, lemon, ginger, chives, mint, celery seed, cilantro, basil


Image of Herbal food seasoning