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Josiah means "GOD HEALS ALL", and children are the cure to the future of the world. If you're like me, your children health is just important to you as yours! One of parents biggest scares is not knowing what their children can have when it comes to a holistic approach "well I did the work for you". The world we live in, detoxing is essential to not only ridding our body of toxins, but to keep our bodies full of life. Children pick up our unhealthy habits along the way, and carry them over into their adult years… but what we don't know is that, all these toxins their bodies are collecting are stored and can be carried into their adult years creating various issues within the body. With a world full of toxic everyday kids products such as baby formula, baby foods, skin care products, etc… which may cause disorders in our babies bodies such as digestive disorders, blood disorders, and more which as they grow increases the possibility of disease. The growth of your children bones, brain, cell health and repair, blood health, and so forth are all dependent on the cleanliness of their bodies, because the future of the world is dependent on it. Cleansing your digestive system, which is also a brain can change things tremendously when it comes to functional disorders, chronic disorders, and more. Nothing is better than prevention, and as you continue to grow on your health journey, your kids should too. Try our kids berry moss drops to help supplement this product, as your kids cleanse it will help replace the nutrients. I suggest a healthy diet free of sugary products, dairy products, soy products, unhealthy grains, pastas, and so forth. A diet full of fruits, vegetables, ancient grains, natural fruit and vegetable juices, legumes, etc… to help the effectiveness of the cleanse.

Servings: 90-180

Serving size: dependent on age, 1 drop per 5 pounds. Do not exceed 10 drops in one serving. Average dosage (5-10 drops) 25ml

Directions: for a more flavorful taste just add them to your children favorite beverages, baby milk, or directly by mouth if taste is acceptable. Detox can be used as needed, avoid detoxing for long periods of time

Bottle size: 2ml (60oz)

Safe for ages 1+ ( remember 1 drop per 5 pounds)

Disclaimer: this product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent disease. We encourage you to consult with a physician, before taking any products.


Image of Josiah’s children detox