Kid’z Berry Moss Drops


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We all know how much our children strongly dislike medicine, let's not even get into vegetables. These strong dislikes can cause our children to have malnutrition's, and can cause a serious of health issues in the future so we must do what we can to protect them. We made your job easier for you with our all natural "herbal extracts" which extracts the nutrients from nutritious plants found in nature, and transformed into herbal drops full of love for the body. This method helps the nutrients bypass having to be digested, placing the nutrients directly into your blood as food for the cells for daily body operations. Most malnutrition issues start with digestive issues, so taking medicine in pill and other forms take too long, and may not fully be digested for blood absorption. Herbal extract drops are taken easily by simply placing drops into water or other beverages which makes it easier to disguise the taste, and the nutrients are almost immediately available which can increase recovery times. A little goes a long way, a simple serving for children can be anywhere from 5-10 drops, making it not only more potent, but longer lasting. Their so good, that their also enjoyable without having to place in water.

Herbal extract drops have longer shelf lives, lasting up to 5yrs or longer depending on ingredients, and easier to travel with and store.

Bottle size: 60ml (2oz)
Shelf life: 5yrs
Servings: 90
Serving size: 5-10 per serving (varies depending on age and size)
Ingredients: Irish moss, raspberry leaf, hawthorn berry, juniper berry, blackberry, elderberry


Image of Kid’z Berry Moss Drops Image of Kid’z Berry Moss Drops Image of Kid’z Berry Moss Drops