Mandingo drops (male sex enhancement)


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Either you're a Mandingo or your not! There's nothing to be ashamed about fellas if you're experiencing issues in the bedroom department, it's more common then you think. Sometimes our lifestyles, diet, being overly sexual, and so forth can deplete us of vital nutrients that our glands need for hormone control and production. This is not your gas station sex enhancement product, and all the other unnatural crap that may work short term but may cause you to have even more issues in the future in the sex department, and various parts of your body! Herbal extracts speed up the healing process x10 vs your normal pills because they void having to be metabolized and immediately supplies your blood and cells with nutrients. This product is to help repair your sex glands, cleanse and provide nutrients to your blood for proper flow and healthy circulation so that we fix your issues permanently.

Benefits: improved circulation, energy, endurance, sex stimulant, libido health, hormone regulation, blood cleansing, longevity, stamina, heart health, digestion health, and more.

Serving size: 10-20 drops per serving
Daily servings: 2-3 per day
Bottle servings: 90

Note: this product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to cure, or treat in disease. We recommend you consult with a physician before taking any herbal supplements for your safety. Our focus is nutrition, we focus on supplying the body with the proper nutrients in order for it to repair, build, and maintain itself.