Natural shampoo bars


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It’s time to change the way you wash your hair forever! Our natural herbal shampoo bars will leave your hair feeling cleansed, hydrated, nourished, soft, strengthened and more. In a world full of harmful chemicals which cause damage to your hair, clog your pores, make your hair brittle, thin, etc... it’s time that you let nature show you it’s true power. This shampoo bars may be small, but they’re full of quality and will go a long way. Small, and easy to travel with, the smell alone is refreshing, and the essential oils infused are know for killing bacteria, restoring, repairing, relieves stress, helps with blood circulation, and more. Every bar contains the richness of Shea, Aloe, coconut, and a special herbal blend. Shampoo soap bars available are chamomile, lavender, aloe, mint, charcoal, rose.
Size of the bars are 60g
Rinse hair with warm water (never use hot water on hair)
Rub shampoo bar through hair, and massage completely until whole head is lathered
Leave in for 5 minutes
Rinse hair with warm water


Image of Natural shampoo bars Image of Natural shampoo bars