Soursop & Irish moss drops


Image of Soursop & Irish moss drops

Guanabana better known as Soursop or graviola, is a tropical fruit with a flavor that can be described as pineapple mixed with mango. This fruit has been long rumored to be able to treat and cure cancer, not sure if it's fact or not… but it does contain the nutrients and antioxidants that can fight against cancer, repair skin and cell health from damaged free radicals, known to boost immunity, fights inflammation, improves digestion, respiratory health, and more. We all know the powers of the wonderful Irish moss, being rich in almost all the nutrients the body needs daily for digestion, brain health, bone health, liver and kidney health, respiratory health, nervous system health, immune health, and more. These two together are sure to create miracles, and the energy you've long been missing!

Bottle size: 60ml

Serving size: 10-20 drops (.5ml)

Directions: add drops to small amount of water (8-12oz) 3x a day

Servings: 90 servings per bottle

Shelf life: 20yrs


Image of Soursop & Irish moss drops