Women’s daily health


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• cell health
• liver & skin health
• digestion health
• detoxification
• hormonal balance
• daily trace minerals
• daily vitamins
• daily nutrients
• fatty acids
• amino acids
• brain & nerve health
• bone health
• blood cleansing
• building blood
• hair health
• kidney health
• reproductive system health
• endurance & energy
• rich in iron
• prenatal vitamin

Bottle size: 2oz (60ml)
Serving size: 10-20 drops (.25ml) 1-3x per day
Shelf life: 5yrs


This one is specifically for the women! Why? Because the difference between women and men's bodies are that certain chemical process that take place have their difference, hormones production, reproductive systems, and so forth. So certain nutrients are vital to women in order for their bodies to operate at optimal levels, and you more than likely need a supplement if you're not getting it from your diet.

Blood is very important, because it helps circulate nutrients, provide oxygen to areas that may be inflamed, calcified, swollen, and so forth. Once you provide oxygen to certain areas by feeding their systems that regulate these areas, healing becomes. Iron is vital to women, because their is a lot of blood loss and you need to be replacing those lost nutrients also. You must also make sure your blood is clean, most toxic situations occur because of heavy metals sitting in the blood and they need to be cleaned out.

These metals damage systems that are vital to the communication in your body mainly the "central nervous system". Once the nervous system is damaged messages aren't relayed to the the brain, or from the brain for medicine to be released into the blood to help regulate hormones. Once hormones are unbalanced emotional distress can occur, congestion, constipation, insomnia, anemia, disorders, chronic disorders, blood disorders, hair loss, diseases, and so forth! This is an amazing supplement, to help supply your every day needs. Plus it's very simple to take, just place a few drops under your tongue, or add to water and taste nothing.

Disclaimer: this product or these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. We do not intend to treat or cure any diseases. Nor do we claim to be any doctors or medical professionals. We focus solely on nutrition and providing nutrients to the body so that it can heal itself. We always advise to talk to your regular physician before taking any supplements.