Herbal bath salts


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Nothing more relaxing than a nice bath after a long day, or just to place yourself in a relaxing mood. Have you tried to add bath salts to your bathing regimen? Did you know that bath salts can help boost blood circulation, improve immunity, retains hydration, pulls toxins out the body, boosts immunity, improves heart health, relief of aches in pains, respiratory issues such as asthma& bronchitis and more, relieves headaches, lowers blood pressure, stress reliever, improves sleep, source of magnesium to the body, stimulates the gut, reduces inflammation, treats eczema and skin issues, treats colds and flus, good for the nervous system, improves mental focus, foot odor, reduces itching issues, nerve and muscle function, activate enzymes in the body, and more... health is more than what you practice eternally, but also externally.. everything is food to your body, that’s why we produce the finest natural products to help you reach and continually elevate on your health journey mentally, physically, and spiritually. We took these bath salts an extra step and added our essential oil blend, along with aloe and vitamin E which are rich in the proper minerals needed to maintain healthy skin. You will never be as excited to take a bath again after smelling these beautiful scents, but overall how they make you feel. Rejuvenate, rehydrate, replenish the skin... most importantly feed the cells what they need. Plenty of different options to choose from, and more will be added by the week. Available bath salts elderberry, chamomile, orange ginger, enchanted forest, rose petals, lavender, juniper berry, frankincense & myrrh, apricot chamomile, eucalyptus, oatmeal & honey! Namaste’

Ingredients: Pacific sea salt, epsom salt, dendritic salt, aloe, vitamin E, colorant, essential oil fragrance
Size: 8oz container